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PROPHET- a person who speaks for God or a deity, or by divine inspiration. 

The Prophet's Perspective - George Floyd Riots

“The current violent response to the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis should be an indication of Spiritual strategy. Demonic assignment is not limited to a uniform and expected responses... from any human being, including law enforcement. Evil resides in this world, right alongside of peace and righteousness. HOW we respond to these sad events will determine who benefits.

For the Followers of Jesus Christ who are seeking justice, His instruction for living life in this world & most importantly, the prayer of faith is the first line of defense.
I’m am fully persuaded that JUSTICE WILL BE  awarded our every just cause.  (thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven). To expand my thoughts, I’ll be preparing a short video to share with you all for viewing shortly.

Look up, your (ultimate) Salvation draws nearer every day.
Blessings ...

Pastor Robin Hancox
IGO Church & Ministry Training Center

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