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Text IGOMG to 54244 

Enter verification code into phone

Click on IGO link and

setup account

Receive text that

donation was received

YOur donation

Any ministry that’s God sent and Holy Spirit equipped will encounter demonic opposition – that’s just a fact! (2 Timothy 3:12) IGO is expanding into secular media by using the power of God’s Word to counteract the darkness that comes through television media 24/7.

Whether it's showing a video of God’s Spirit healing the sick, testimonies of folks delivered from financial bondage, or set free from emotional torment, we see lives restored everyday here at IGO!


We are inviting you to join us as we confront evil on every front by making yourself a partner with us in our mission.

We need and are humbly asking for your God directed help in supporting the broadcasting and preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ here in Smyrna, GA, and around the world. Your ‘gift of love’ will be recognized in Heaven and used here on the Earth to make a big difference!


Help us give our adversary a ‘black eye’ and present the true Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ around the world.

Thank you … with all of my heart,

Robin Hancox
Senior Pastor/Founder

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